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Partnering with local organizations to 

help create self sufficiency 

Top Projects


Coffee Project

Planting 15-acres of coffee trees to support Life Essentials Centre.


Health Centre

Planting an orange orchard to provide health care.


Life Essentials

Equipping rural pastors to serve their local church by providing the tools for an in-depth study into the Bible.

 Photo 4.jpeg

Coffee trees, rainwater collection system and drip irrigation to help provide self sustainability. 


Coffee Project

Amuria, Adjumani,

Skill Development

Sanitary Pad 

HAGCM has introduced washable sanitary pads into rural Ugandan communities, providing materials, training and support.


Refugee Settlement

HAGCM has helped providing funding for a roof for a church in the Maaji Refugee Settlement.

Coffee Beans

Income generation to support the Life Essentials Bible Study system.

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