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Our Past

EST. 1979


In 1979 High Adventure began as a ministry dedicated to the installation and operation of a strategic radio station in and for the Middle East. The Voice of Hope enjoyed support from the Christian community across the world as its daily multi language broadcasts reached into hearts and homes in 32 countries from its Medium and Shortwave radio transmitters in South Lebanon.

From the beginning, High Adventure Canada enjoyed the help of Canadian individuals to support this strategic radio ministry that eventually grew into a global shortwave radio broadcast system.  In 2000, a ministry restructuring process brought about change that led to growth and focus. 

High Adventure Canada widened its shortwave radio reach, utilizing larger and more strategically located transmitters that expanded its coverage dramatically airing programming under its Bible Voice Broadcast signature.  High Adventure also expanded its focus to include indigenous partnerships that added building and supported FM radio in select international city communities.

High Adventure FM radio partners now include Middle East, Africa and Indonesia.

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