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EST. 1979

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Exodus 4:2

Armed with only a shepherd's staff, Moses led Israel through a miraculous journey from slavery to their promised land, fulfilling God's promises that HE would do miracles with what Moses had in his hand-the staff.

Our first request for an African radio station came when we had no capability and no prospects. But we shared what we had, rehearsing God's admonition to Moses and stated "if God puts it in our hands for you, we will give it to you".

Within days, money and equipment arrived or was promised; soon we switched on our first partner African radio station that has led over 2,000 to faith in Christ. We have since built radio stations, churches, schools and health centers across the world, standing on Exodus 4:2.

We work as He puts things in our hands. We move as He moves!

In the Air 

We want to reach unchurched people groups through multi language radio broadcasts heard under our Bible Voice Broadcasting signature and into specific communities through FM radio.

Why Shortwave?

Shortwave radio is one of the most cost effective means of mass media reaching millions of people in many countries simultaneously, especially where the Gospel is prohibited or restricted.

Our Bible Voice broadcasts are heard in 24 languages each week, encouraging listeners from across the world. Contact us about reaching the world with your program.

On the Ground

We recognize God-given opportunities to partner with indigenous persons for promotion and maintenance of Christian ministry through humanitarian means and we are dedicated to this facet of ministry wherever God directs and provides.

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