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Sahara FM 94.3


HAGCM linked arms with Kenyan Christians in Kisumu, to begin the Sahara FM radio network with flagship station Kisumu FM 94.3, overlooking Lake Victoria. The station gained strong community interest in a potential audience of 1 million people, encouraging station growth. 


Sahara FM soon added Busia, a border town with Uganda, reaching well over 500,000 people with its 94.2 FM signal.

Then in 2015, Sahara FM network expanded again, this time for the community of Webuye, reaching an additional 750,000 Kenyans with Gospel broadcasts with its 98.3 FM signal.

In 2019 HAGCM and partners linked arms with Kenyan Christians to build Kakuma FM 91.7 for the Turkana region, including the refugee camp where the original Lost Boys of Sudan settled, and now the second camp in nearby Kalobeyei

I have always been a bitter person but by listening to you, I am becoming a better person with each passing day

-----  listener from Sahara FM


Phone: 1-800-550-4670


Frequency Schedule
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