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Health Centre

Sustainable Health Care

Ongutoi Health Centre began as an emergency response to unmet health care needs, particularly maternity needs among the returnees from the LRA insurgency. HAGCM was asked for help, so in 2010 construction support started, as did staff and medicine support. 

Today, approximately 1,000 patients receive care each month from this 25-building facility, including services such as emergency, inpatient, outpatient and surgical care, lab support and education for AIDS, Diabetes and much more, at no cost to patients since all service is provided from donations raised among HAGCM international partners.

Team for Trees

HAGCM and partners began in 2018 and today, 2,800 trees are growing, supported with a unique water collection/storage system distributed through water conserving drip irrigation. A nurtured orange tree can provide fruit for 25 years; with an orchard of 3,500 trees, sustainability can be achieved.

An investment of $10.00 per tree can provide health care for poor of this area for 25 years. We are just 700 trees short of the goal when affordable health care support can be achieved for Ongutoi's poor. 

Join the "team for trees" with your gift.

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