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Coffee Project

Creating Sustainability 

Life Essentials Study Bible is a unique modern-day study tool equipped with QR technology that accesses 1,500 video teachings by Dr. Gene Getz to enhance effective study. It has been readily embraced by Ugandan and South Sudanese Pastors who seek such educational support so their congregations might grow spiritually.

Equipping a pastor requires material and personnel support usually not available to him/her.  HAGCM, Dr. Getz and American Foundation have partnered to provide study materials in and for the short term, but for the long list of waiting recipients, a longer-term view was considered.

Income generation through agriculture was considered and a subsequent commitment was made to installation of a 15-acre coffee plantation.  Coffee trees will produce for a lifespan of at least 25 years and a 15-acre project can sustain the Life Essentials pastor equipping for the same period of time.

2018 saw the first planting of 2500 improved version coffee trees, followed by two additional plantings that were completed early 2019. The Life Essentials Coffee project now has 7,500 trees in various stages of growth. 

Our pastors seek educational support so their congregations might grown spiritual.

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