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FM Radio


HAGCM first arrived in Uganda to partner with a local pastor to build the Dunamis FM radio station in Mukono area.  Once there, HAGCM felt compelled of God to develop other outreaches and ministry opportunities with local Christians who had been engaged but needed help.

Since HAGCM's first visit in 2004, partner FM radio stations have been added in Asamuk, Adjumani, and Mbararra; others are in progress.

HAGCM has initiated a long term plan to reach Uganda's youth with and through a YOUTH FM radio network, beginning in Amuria with others to soon follow.

Humanitarian Aid

HAGCM has also initiated and partnered strategic humanitarian projects that include education, medical, agricultural and church focus, as well as various supports for South Sudanese refugees within Uganda.

HAGCM 5 major focus areas are donor supported, but long term plans are underway for sustainability of all charitable efforts under HAGCM direction, with its affiliate Uganda charity HAMU (High Adventure Ministries Uganda).

One Tribe Program has created a huge positive impact in the entire community and in her life...

-----  Feedback from Adjumani station

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