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Acknowledging the Need

During High Adventure's ongoing efforts to build biblically based FM radio for rural African communities, it became apparent there were members of village dwellers who are sometimes marginalized, just because they are female.

Young girls, whose family income is often very limited, find themselves challenged when normal life growth process requires monthly support. Lack of resources result in young girls missing up to a week of school each month, and over time, in declining grades and often times, early departure from school.  And that departure results in an uneducated girl entering an early marriage that she often does not want.

Out of the Shadows

High Adventure has introduced washable sanitary pads into rural Ugandan communities, providing materials, training and support. Girls and young women are experiencing new found freedom, no longer restricted to living in the background.

Join High Adventure in helping other women step of of the shadows. 

When I discovered the pain and isolation experienced by young girls each month, my mind brought a picture of a Ugandan verandah, covered in shadow, but under the shadow, were the feet of African girls, waiting for an acceptable time to come back into society; This image caused me great pain and I knew I had to do something.

- Marty McLaughlin, HAGCM international coordinator

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