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Sanitary Pad Training


For 20 years Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony led LRA insurgents across northern Uganda, killing and destroying vulnerable people, often times kidnapping thousands of children who were eventually forced to perform and participate in all forms of indignity. 

Over time, many have been recovered by Uganda's military but these victimized children often experience stigma within their communities, as former captives who had also lost their opportunity at education and subsequent future employment. Thousands of such victims have few options for a good life.

Humanitarian Aid

HAGCM radio efforts (in the air) within TESO region have expanded to bring practical support (on the ground) for these young Ugandans in the form of skills development, training 80 youth in sewing and hair care each year. Following each 6-month session, graduates are equipped with materials and tools to build their own businesses and their lives. 

They are no longer victims!

Join HAGCM in training other young Ugandans in need. 

We must give them more than kind words. We must restore their dignity with practical ways to care for themselves and their families.

-----  Uganda Minister Musa Ecweru, Emergency Preparedness, Relief and Refugees

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