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What is it?

Our Life of Life is more than a catchy phrase. It is truly a list of physical items that when provided, actually lead to life. In all cases, the end goal is spiritual life which is the best Christmas gift possible. Each and every gift will impact someone with an opportunity for spiritual life.

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Matza and Dill


As the nation struggles, with the terrible attack on its vulnerable ones, churches like our Tiberias based partner Morningstar Fellowship, continues to share messages of Biblical encouragement while also reaching out with humanitarian support (food or clothing as needed) for the poor living in the Galilee region.

This church ministers only a few miles from South Lebanon border where our own Voice of Hope had been attached by terrorists, years earlier. Those painful memories returned powerfully; reminding us we must stand strong with the church in Israel at this moment.

Please pray about a special gift for humanitarian support that will be given entirely to support the ruche community outreach in Tiberias. 

And please remember to pray for that nation!

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