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Mahama Refugee Camp in Rwanda

Prayer Needs

Please join us in prayer over the next 30 days as we wait for the Lord to provide.



For the Lord to provide stable power and the national grid technicians to make adjustments to reach over 5 million Rwandans. New solar power at this site is needed for $15,000



Solar power batteries are needed for $3,600 to keep the power on at night to reach communities waiting to hear the broadcast from Zimbabwe, Congo and our new Chinese audience from Lusaka



A new diesel generator for our station for $5,600 - Refugees struggling with food challenges now face diminished messaging of hope as they sit silently waiting for morning to come when Usalama can return.



Kakuma station reaches over 270,000 refugees. Currently our station is off air, the transmitter does not work and we must wait for repairs.



Pray we can get our broadcast equipment out of the lock down at the air port where it currently sits.


Russia & Ukraine

We have shortwave access to Russia and Ukraine with a weekly Russian program. Continued funds to keep creating programs are needed. $200 a month

Rising conflict has created an entire ministry opportunity. Most displaced people would have never considered seeking Christian messaging, but as their world crumbles, they now search for help...and many are now within the sound of our broadcasts. We can certainly understand why the enemy is so active these past 30 days. He wants silence...Let's give him some noise.

- Don McLaughlin

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Alafi Godfrey

I got this radio I don't know anything about God three weeks back. Around 9am one of the pastors was preaching about sin as if the pastor knew me. After his preaching, I evaluate myself immediately from then I took decision to follow Christ in my life, I have join Baptist Church I am still under discipleship keep praying for me.

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Jane Baako

I have no happiness in my life due to challneges in the refugee settlement. After I got this radio, I feel peace of mind, the beauty of the song's preaching and my fellow refugees' ideas on Radio. (mother of 6)

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Chandia Christine

As first I live in hopeless life thinking about conditions we are in. After I got this radio there is living hope in my life, my husband wanted to know why I am always happy this day. I point him to this radio after three days he became more happy. Every evening we pray first together before sleeping.

What our listeners are saying

"After listening to your program, I have learnt to ask for help without shame and as well teach my children learn not to get tied of asking God through prayer." 


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