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List of Life

A Christmas gift of $1,000 will provide this strategic refugee radio support

Provide a computer equipped with large capacity and special software.

Equip volunteer youth groups of 20+ with mud brick "kits"

(moulds, hoes, water tanks, wheel barrows etc) Target 60,000 bricks $500

Gift of medicines for up to 1000 people for $600

Help build a new refugee church of 300 refugees for $1,300

Help build a new church of 300 refugees for $1,200

Provide 16,000 Liter rain water storage tank for $3,100

Provide a 16,000 litre rain water storage tank.

Provide Christmas food support for a church family $25

Support a family during Christmas time

Provide a Bible for a prisoner in the appropriate language $10

Bibles for prisoners

Provide a special Christmas gift for Pastor Marcel $3,800

Source of Life radio station renovation

Provide a special Christmas gift of seeds $250

Planting in January during rainy season

Provide a tree with 3-year acre for $10

Provide a 2-acre planting of 520 trees with drip irrigation for $5,200

Provide for 12 month supply $1,000

We quietly support girls and women in need within the Ongutoi Health Centre as well as female prisoners in 2 prisons. Gifts of washable sanitary pads and soap afford hygiene and dignity.

Support this valuable outreach

Basketballs $80, Bibles $10, Shoes $15

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