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High Adventure partners have faithfully supported spiritual and humanitarian efforts to bless the people of Uganda for many years. And over time, a dedicated and well trained Ugandan team has been assembled to carry on and expand the original vision, as High Adventure continues to follow the Lord in additional areas. 

It had become necessary to create in-country sustainability for the Ugandan ministry team; several areas were considered. Coffee stood out as among the most promising, so a project began on Kkumbya, where property was acquired and prepared. Development began in 2018.

Today, 1500 improved version coffee trees have been planted at the top of Kkumbya Hill. And a rainwater collection system with cistern storage was created, so drip irrigation distribution could water every tree through a controlled gravity flow. Consistent water ensures stability and production even during dry seasons. 

Future plans include another rainwater collection system and drip irrigation so an additional 2000 coffee trees might be added in 2023. Contact us with support for this worthy project so we might achieve long term ministry sustainability in Uganda.

One Tribe Program has created a huge positive impact in the entire community and in her life...

-----  Feedback from Adjumani station

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