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HAGCM met with Dr. Gene Getz and his Life Essentials Study Bible team early in 2018 to discuss the possibility of equipping Ugandan pastors and Christian leaders with this unique modern-day study tool. Uganda pastors historically need more Christian education than they can afford to provide spiritual care for their churches, so this study bible presented an exciting possibility to meet this need for even the most rural pastor.

A decision to initiate 3 pilot programs in Uganda was taken, and with support from Dr. Getz and a mutually known American foundation, beginning with the first pilot in early 2018. This was so successful; a second pilot was undertaken in late 2018. The consistent success encouraged the unique team (HAGCM-Dr. Getz Foundation) to schedule the 3rd pilot for late 2019 while pursing practical long-term training through facilities, materials and funding.

Early in 2019 the Life Essentials Centre (Phase 1) construction of 4 buildings began in Mukono, just outside Kampala. Phase 2 (3 additional buildings) are planned for late 2019 and Phase 3 (2 buildings) will complete the construction in Spring 2020.

Phase 1 and 2 have been committed but outstanding financial needs for Phase 3 final 2 buildings ($44,000) and facilities set up (residential and teaching centre) of $8,000 are still required for completion. 

Life Essential training is so wonderful for preparing messages! Dr. Getz told us to speak the word of God boldly and yet sensitively to those who are unsaved. We must develop a deep application for God's love for us personally.

-----  Pastor Martin from Adjumani


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