List of Life

Our Christmas giving in Uganda this year is designed to bring tangible care for people who cannot reciprocate. 


Orange Project

Our Akumangor orange project is growing, eventually to provide support for our Ongutoi Health Centre. But we need another 1,000 trees to complete the gaps in our 15-acre field. 

Cost to purchase and nurture a tree $10 each


Clay Pot Irrigation



Our preliminary clay pot irrigation was sufficient to water seedlings but as trees grow, they require more consistent water supply that can best be provided by drip irrigation system.

Cost to provide drip irrigation for 100 trees is $260


Kkumbya Piggery

Our Kkumbya Piggery is growing; already starting to support ministry in country. But we need more stock to reach our goal, and to do that, we need another male pig. 

Cost for a young adult male is $250


Life Essentials Training Center

Our Life Essentials Training Centre Phase 1 is complete and first classes will begin where we are equipped, beginning with 50 moulded chairs for classroom and residential needs. 

Cost for one chair is $10

Bibles are in great demand in Africa. Help us send indigenous manage Bibles into the African nations where we are currently serving the Lord.


Goat Herd

We have started a small goat herd, with plans to increase it; eventually supporting our vocational teaching staff with the profits from sale. But we need 10 more higher quality goats to begin.

Cost of each goat is $70


Youth FM

Our Youth FM team is constantly invited to church youth events but transportation is the most significant challenge. We require a station motorcycle to enable wider community outreach.

Cost is $1,600


Mukono Classroom

Our new Mukono classroom is ready. We wish to provide computer training for disadvantaged children but we need more laptops to start. We need 13 laptops.

One laptop cost $600

Why not give a gift in name of a family member or friend who can know their Christmas is making a difference for someone in Africa!


Ongutoi Cisterns

Ongutoi rains have filled our cisterns and all storage tanks. Rains are now overflowing but must be captured for next dry season needs. We need an additional large tank.

Cost $


Ongutoi Health

Patient need has spiked in Ongutoi, sometimes as many as 100 patients per day; much of it malaria. Prevention is by far the best option. 

Provide a mosquito net for a mother and infant $10


Refugee Church

Pastor Martin's Refugee Church is growing and many being baptized. They wish to reach more refugees with video outreach. A video projection and screen system has been donated but they still need a church laptop to play the videos on the projection system.

Cost for a laptop is $600


Ongutoi Surgery