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I was touched by this message, it has changed my life.

Image by Debora Pilati

Our Mission

We are passionate about spreading God's Word to unreached people groups while facilitating spiritual growth and discipleship.

House in Guinea Bissau



Our Shortwave broadcasts reaches an estimated population of 2 billion people.

Multi Language

We have a variety of languages on our Bible Voice Broadcasting site. All programs are current and updated weekly.

FM Stations

Our combined FM stations reach a total audience of 15 million people.

Be a part of what God's already doing. Donate, go on a trip or pray and ask God to use you to impact His Kingdom.


You can find the majority of our radio programs on one of our three apps.

Hebrew and English Messianic Message 



We are here to proclaim God's Word to those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to facilitate spiritual growth for listeners.


We are dedicated to communicating hope, healing and salvation to all nations utilizing a global broadcast system that includes radio, internet and apps.


We recognize God given opportunities to partner with indigenous persons for promoting and maintenance of Christian ministry through humanitarian means. 

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