About Us

Our Mission

Bible Voice Broadcasting aims to proclaim God’s Word to those who never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, to teach the Word of God and encourage Christian listeners throughout the world. From powerful radio stations Bible Voice Broadcasting can reach countries that are subject to political control and are closed to the Word of God, as well as isolated communities where there are no churches or missionaries. With shortwave radio as our main medium, Bible Voice Broadcasting is committed to communicating hope, healing and salvation to all the nations of the world on its worldwide broadcasting network.

Wherever possible we support indigenous broadcasters those who can speak the language and understand the cultureal nuances that make programming effective into a target area. We also air English programs into regions where it would be a second language to many, but encourage programmers to be culturally relevant and sensitive.

We make strategic use of various means of mass communication to fulfill our mission-shortwave and local FM radio, the internet, distribution of Bibles, books, videos and other literature. Sometimes we are called on to meet human needs. Although not formally an organization, there are times when physical needs are open doors to deeper spiritual ministry opportunities, and throughout its history the minsitry has provided food, medical care and equipment, clothes, audio-visual equipment, blanket, toys, Christian libaries, Bibles, eyeglasses and orphan care to thousands.

FM Radio

FM Radio is best suited for audiences living within a dedicated area, usually city populations within a 35-40 mile radius, easily heard on portable and car radios.

In 2001, Bible Voice Broadcasting inititated radio partnerships in select cities where licensing was available for indigenous partners.

Today, Bible Voice Broadcasting programming is heard on partner stations in Africa, the Middle East and Haiti.


Shortwave radio continues to be the most affordable way to reach large audiences and has been since inception in 1837.

Most recent suverys show that of the 1.5 billion households in the world, almost 1/3 has access to a shortwave radio. The majority of shortwave listeners exist within the 10-40 window.

Although not as widely used as local FM radio, shortwave broadcasting affords security and anonymity for both listener and broadcaster.

Bible Voice Broadcasting currently reaches a potential audience of approximately 3 billion people every week in at least 25 languages from strategically placed transmitters around the world.

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