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Restore FM reaching Kigal

Rwanda had been a nation of tribal co-existence that experienced conflict from time to time as it navigated out of the colonial era. In 1994, conflict exploded into a genocide that shook the nation and the world around them. Radio was used as a means of facilitaing this mass killing and came under scrutiny as a nation emerged from this atrocity.

In 2004, Rwandan born Pastor Joseph Karasanyi felt God's call to minister biblical Christianity to his beloved nation, beginning with radio. In 2005, High Adventure and Blessings for Obedience joined him to build one of the country's first Evangelical radio stations. Radio would be used to bring life through Jesus!

Located in Kigali, Restore FM 98.0 began to encourage listeners with biblical truth through music and message. As listeners respond, Pastor Joseph visits each and every community and wherever possible, begins and builds a community church.

Today Pastor Joseph has planted 80 churches in Rwanda and 55 more in Congo. The growth continues.

Pastor Joseph has asked for help to increase Restore FM's reach deeper into Rwanda through a more powerful transmitter for the Kigali station.

Many other Rwandese need to hear the Good News of Restore FM and a secondary help is required to build a repeater station to expand the coverage area by at least 30%. A committment to broadcast equipment, land costs and building costs is needed.

Opportunities exist for appropriate programming to be aired on Restore FM contact

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