High Adventure regular visits to Uganda often focus on rural projects but on occasion, also on city needs that present themselves. One such project is the Kampala based Children’s Church for disadvantaged children.

Led by founder of the Alpha and Omega Christian School, “Mama Robinah” leads this chidlren’s church currently focused on children who experience less advantage then others within their city of nearly 2 million. Arriving from several kilometers every Sunday, carrying and walking with sibilings, nearly all children arrive without parents or guardians and most have not eaten that day.

Although focused on Bible teaching, and music, this thriving children’s church is also given breakfast at every meeting. For some that will be their only meal that day.

High Adventure seeks to stand with Mama Robinah and provide breakfast for these 200 children every week so they might better understand the important BIble lessons they also receive and that they might know that others also care for them.

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