High Adventure had been working in the Ongutoi area to construct and support the Ongutoi Health Centre since mid - 2007. Over time, relationships were made and High Adventure visited churches as time permitted

In 2011, High Adventure was given 250 bibles, which were taken to the nearby Abarilela Pentecostal Church where attendees worshipped in overcrowded conditions. During the bible distribution, Pastor John requested help with some iron sheets for roofing so they might expand the church to accommodate 5 additional smaller “bush churches” who sought corporate worship with his Abarilela Church.

High Adventure leaders made a faith-based offer to assist with roofing when funding was available. Much to the surprise of High Adventure leaders, the church was dismantled and new walls were raised…all within a few weeks.

High Adventure leaders returned to Canada to begin search for funding when surprised again. This time, a Canadian Church (Yorkview) assembly had decided to amalgamate with another local church and as a long time supporter of the Ongutoi work, Yorkview’s leadership provided a gift to provide the roof for the Abarilela Pentecostal Church, now at 300 people.

Upon completion, the Abarilela PAG church embarked on regional evangelism, resulting in considerable growth including two new churches. The Abarilela Church continues to impact its community for Christ.

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