Ongutoi is a village community that combines a scattered rural population of 144,000 people located within the Amuria District of North Eastern Uganda. This area had suffered 100% displacement due to the brutal Lord’s resistance Army (LRA) 20-year insurgency.

As people returned to village communities in 2007, they found every thing destroyed and requested help to rebuild their lives.

High Adventure responded with promise to help with health support but before meaningful help could come, the area suffered record flood followed by record drought the next year, forcing High Adventure to focus on emergency food support and medicines distribution.

In 2010, construction began, utilizing modern construction methods to provide an indigenously friendly village style health centre that respected local lifestyle. Over the next 5 years, 19 buildings were completed, facilitating wide service level to accommodate needs in maternal care, inpatient and outpatient care, emergency care, surgery, lab testing and various levels of community education including HIV/AIDS.

The centre has treated over 120,000 people; over 1,000 babies have been born and over 200 people received surgery-all at no cost to Ongutoi residents.

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