After a prolonged civil war between north and South Sudan, the new Republic of South Sudan was born in 2010. However, as tribal leadership transitioned to government, conflict broke out again, in 2013; this time between tribes within South Sudan.

Hundreds of thousands fled the conflict into neighboring countries; some of them into the Adjumani area of Northern Uganda, where the government had re-set a refugee camp, still in place since the earlier civil conflict when Sudanese fled the first time.

Refugees from 41 South Sudanese tribes settled in 16 settlements that compromise the Adjumani Refugee camp that now hosts over 330,000 residents.

The Ugandan government invited international assistance to maintain the various emergent and long-term needs that would facilitate peaceful co-existence. HAGCM was invited to provide a small FM radio station focused on supporting these peace-building effots.

In December 2014, HAGCM switched on the new Usalama FM (Peace FM) radio station, sending messages of peace, environmental and health messaging as well as Christian music and message.

This small FM radio station has been challenged to reach the incoming refugee population (which has grown by 10 times since 2013) so they might also benefit from various peace, development and biblical programming. This small station has reached its capacity and needs major equipment upgrade to meet the expanding need.

A new transmitter and higher tower is neccessary to accomodate the anticipated refugee population. Interested parties should contact HAGCM at

Opportunities exist for appropriate programming to be aired on Usalama FM contact

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