In 2003, High Adventure was invited to Uganda where Bishop Musisi requested a radio station to reach his community for Christ. In 2004, Dunamis FM 103.0 began airing to the community in Mukono, and many found salvation, hope and healing.

High Adventure was also invited to Bishop Musisi’s Christian school in Nakyessa Village where a long-standing relationship began.

Then in 2007, government leaders invited High Adventure to visit Ongutoi, a village community in northeastern Uganda that had been 100% displaced due to the 20-year Lord’s resistance Army insurgency. WIthin weeks, a small health centre began. By 2010, construction was underway and by 2015, an 18-building multi-service medical facility was providing health care support for the area, including maternal care, in and out patient support as well as surgery and basic preventative education.

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